did audrey ever wear chanel?

Style icon Audrey Hepburn was known for being an “ambassador” of certain fashionable names and styles such as designer Hubert de Givenchy and luxury brand Louis Vuitton. There are photographs of her wearing Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and Hermés handbags (namely, the “Kelly” handbag).
However, many of my searches for a photograph or an instance where Audrey Hepburn happened to be carrying a Chanel handbag or wearing a Chanel suit,were fruitless. I could not find even one time Audrey wore Chanel.

Could Audrey’s suspicious avoidance of the brand be due to Coco Chanel’s “spy-ish” actions during the war?  Audrey had a very terrible time herself during it and perhaps preferred to avoid a shifty-during-wartime character’s brand Chanel. What do you think?


10 tips for managing rosacea acne

I have had rosacea acne all of my life. I still do and it remains a huge issue for me. Rosacea acne, for those who don’t know, is a form of acne where your skin becomes red, irritated and has raised red areas of skin, like spots that don’t erupt to the surface.

There are a number of ways in which I try to manage my acne and if I can combine them well, they do work:

  1. Include zinc in your diet. Zinc gives your skin a nice glow. You can ingest zinc in a variety of ways but my favourite is either eating pumpkin seeds or having a cup of hot cocoa (no sugar, just plain cocoa powder with hot water).
  2. Look after your gut and have regular bowel movements. Make sure you do this, not only for your skin but for general good health. The longer those toxic substances stay in your gut, the better opportunity they have to re-enter your blood stream and give you bad skin.
  3. Drink lots of water. This is a well-known one but I had to list it because it if important. Water helps move things along in the gut (see above point) and keeps the skin hydrated, avoiding dryness.
  4. Swallow chopped up cloves of garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic which will help improve your immune system but it also helps move things along in your gut. Clear gut=clear skin.
  5. Topically, you can use natural rosehip oil or cocoa oil. Their slightly tanned colour acts as a tinted moisturiser and evens out the redness on your skin. Plus, they are natural, so your skin is unlikely to be irritated by them which might be the case with chemical alternatives.
  6. Exercise. I have noticed that working out can be good for the skin. It gives it a glow (I suspect thats to do with the increased blood flow) and helps digestion.
  7. Avoid drinking or eating hot drinks or foods. Heat can trigger rosacea acne.
  8. Avoid stress, junk food, sugar, additives and continually touching your skin.
  9. Fast. Fast whenever you can. Allow your body to rest and digest what is already in you from your last meal. This gives time for proper digestion and thus allows your skin to heal and clear.
  10. Drink warm lemon water or green juice in the morning. This really kick starts your day with vibrant energy and aids bowel movement.

This articles may have been a little repetitive but the key to good skin and battling your acne is keeping your gut clear and healthy.



gypsy talk I

A young gypsy man with a handsome moustache and stars tattooed all over his right arm sat behind an electric enclosure on the corner of a street. He was talking to a young girl- no doubt his love interest- who was sitting across him. They were conversing shyly and away from the prying eyes above; in secret almost.

They made a perfect moment. A simple romantic scene, the beauty held in its innocence. The young man rugged and smoking, the girl; make-up free and a headscarf tied back in typical village-girl fashion allowing henna dyed wavy locks to peek out from below and frame her small pretty face. Her traditional skirt worn and dirty from spending endless hours out on the streets of the city.

They were slim, poor and simple but at that moment in time they were blessed with one another’s company and could not have been more content.

3 things you thought you needed but don’t


  1. Television. Yes, you can live life without a television. Since most of us have a laptop and internet access, we can stream and watch most of what you can find on the television on our laptops. Using your laptop instead of a television can limit what you watch, allow you to work around your schedule and watch what you want when you want and help avoid adverts!
  2. Shampoo. I have not used shampoo for four years now and my hair is clean and chemical-free! I stopped using shampoo because it was not helping me or my hair. It made my hair dry and lifeless, irritated by skin and gave me headaches. Now, I use bicarbonate soda dissolved in the water to ‘clean’ my hair; it rids of any greasiness. Then, I condition with apple cider vinegar diluted in water. It leaves my hair silky and shiny. Beautiful!
  3. A China Cabinet. Unless you actually need any of the china in the china cabinet, this is an absolutely excessive piece of furniture in your living room. If you do not need it or use it, throw it out or donate it and gain some space in your room!

3 health facts that can change your life


  1. Fats do not make you fat. At least, the good ones don’t. Good fats include but are not limited to; butter, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee butter, fish oil, walnut oil. These fats contain omega-3 fatty acids (olive oil has omega-9). You want to consume lots of these for good health. You also want to avoid omega-6 fats that is; vegetable oil, margarin and peanuts. If you do consume omega-6, please make sure you are consuming at least 1:1 ratio of omega-3: omega-6 fats so your body is able to digest the good omega -3 fats efficiently. The reason for this is because the enzymes needed for the digestion of omega-3 and omega-6 fats are the same. When omega-6 is consumed in excess it prevents the absorption of omega-3 fats leaving your deficient. How do you know if you are deficient in omega-3 fat? Check the skin on the back of your hand. If it is dry and not as smooth as a baby’s bottom, chance are you are deficient. Eat two handfuls of walnuts now!
  2. Vitamin D is important. For several reasons. Not least because it can drastically improve moods during the winter when we don’t get so much sun. In fact, its recommended (Dr. Mercola) that you take vitamin D supplements during the year because we don’t spend enough time outdoors as it is, be it summer or winter!
  3. Pickles are crazy good for you. So is yoghurt and kefir because of their packed probiotics. Probiotics help aid digestion and keep your gut healthy. You sincerely can not get enough of these. Be warned though; if you consume too much at one time when you are not used to it, it may give you what I like to call “the detox effect” which involves being pretty sick. So start of your doses of probiotic small and increase daily. You can also take these as a supplement also but research well since there are many on the market of varying qualities.


6 rules for modest style


  1. Minimalism; the concept behind the phrase ‘less is more’. I believe that if you have a limited number of items in your closet, you will always have something to wear and will actually wear every item in your closet as opposed to forgetting the existence of some unworn clothes. By mixing and matching certain well-loved pieces, you make style happen and add to your charisma.
  2. If you were a scarf, stick with modesty throughout your outfit. That means no super tight tops or trousers or skirts. The combination just looks odd that way. You can be stylish and modest at the same time.
  3. Focus on essential, timeless pieces. It’s nice to follow the newest trend if you want a change and you’re really feeling it but following every new fashion idea in a magazine does not guarantee that you will look good. Find what works for you and stick to it. After all, ‘fashion is made to become unfashionable’ (quote: Coco Chanel).
  4. Dark colours always look good. It’s chic and goes with everything. It also simplifies shopping and makes mixing and matching a lot easier. Personally, I prefer to have colours; black, white, beige and pink in my wardrobe and no other.
  5.  Quality over quantity. This ties in well with the first rule, ‘minimalism’. Don’t be afraid to spend more on something that you believe is a better quality and you will enjoy wearing for many years to come. Even if the cheaper option’s offer seems tempting. In my experience, whenever I have bought something I thought was ‘just OK’ but was on sale, I usually simply did not wear it because I did not like it enough. Conclusion: waste of money.
  6. Confidence! Walk not with pride, but with elegance and class. Know who you are and this will shine through. Combined with your unique style you can make a lasting impression on those around you.